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The marriage license was created based on the concept of interracial marriage. Nevertheless, what is race? Does it really exist? If you were blind, could you tell the difference between different “races”, or is it in fact just skin deep?
Essentially, there are no races; we are all the same. Major differences are due to culture, traditions, religion, and lifestyle, and/or hatred. The physical differences we see are no more than skin deep. Race is only a thought; it comes from the judging of each other, and our different cultures, traditions, religion, and languages, of which we come from. It comes from hating someone who has not done you any harm, thus is against the commandment “love thy neighbor”, and is repugnant to God. We can see even today that people are still racist. Race is a reason to hate others. Hitler killed the Jewish people, because he did not believe they were good enough to be part of ‘his race’ and he was not even German. Everyone, no matter what the color, is different to every other man or woman (Caldwell, 2013).
Even the word “human” is a misnomer, as the old bible does not use the word human. I will admit that some translations of the bible do use the word human being, however, I maintain it is incorrect translation. However, the Septuagint uses the term “human beings” only one time; the meaning is identical to the definitions in law books. Let us look at the last verse of the book of Jonah, where Nineva was full of men who were unrepentant, unregenerate, unconverted, wicked, sinful, dissolute, cruel, depraved, unenlightened, rejected the importance of a belief in God. In other words: “human beings”. Jonah 4:11 (Septuagint), “shall not I spare Nineva, the great city, in which dwell more than twelve myriads of human beings, who do not know their right hand or their left hand...?” The King James version calls them “Persons”; the “human beings” of Nineva did not know their right hand or their left because they did not know the Truth, and were lost; they did not know God, they were separated from God. However, those human beings were willing to turn from their ways learn the things of God, He spared that city from destruction. Matthew 18:8 “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”. Let is see what is bound in the law dictionaries concerning Human being:
·      In Balantine’s Self Pronouncing Law Dictionary, 1948: Human Being is defined as “Monster”. In addition this same Law Dictionary: Monster is defined as “a human being by birth, in some part resembling a lower animal”.
·      In Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, a Monster is defined as “a person cruel, wicked, depraved, etc., as to horrify others”.
·      From the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition: Human Being is defined as a “Natural man: unenlightened or unregenerate”. Unregenerate means “not regenerate; unrepentant; an unregenerate sinner; not convinced by or unconverted to a particular religion; wicked, sinful, dissolute”.
·      In Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988: Humanitarianism is defined as “the doctrine that humankind may become perfect without divine aid”.
·      In Colliers New Dictionary of the English Language, 1928, Humanitarian is defined as “a philanthropist; an anti-Trinitarian who rejects the doctrine of Christ divinity; a perfectionist”.
·      In the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, 1990: Humanism is defined as “any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests, values dignity predominate, especially an ethical theory that often rejects the importance of a belief in God”.
Therefore, when anyone calls himself or herself a “human being”, or a “humanitarian”, they are saying (according to every definition of these words, according to the law), “I’m an animal; I’m a monster; I’m not saved; I’m unrepentant; I’m an unregenerate sinner; I’m not converted; I’m wicked, sinful, dissolute; I’m cruel, depraved, unenlightened; I reject Christ’s divinity the importance of a belief in God”.
Scientist uses the word human as a member of the genus Homo, and the species Homo sapiens: Human form. Whereas, the bible refers to Man: even woMan is a part of Mankind. At no time is Woman separated from Man, even as Male, she is feMale. Men and Women are made in the image of God, not other species or breeds of animals. Therefore, regardless of skin color, culture, religion, or traditions, men are men and made in the image of God. Judeo-Christian beliefs are that everyone came from Adam & Eve and then even after the flood from Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Many equate the various races from one of the three sons, of each had the same mother and father. If races did evolved from Noah’s children, it would have had to be the wives of the three sons. Nevertheless, the genetics have a common source, Adam & Eve. We are one race; love each other.
Many people believe that color of their skin makes them different. However, the scientific studies show us that we are more alike than different. Any difference we can measure is socially constructed. The idea that we have evolved into subgroups or ‘race’ is clearly incorrect. The truth is we have not even been on earth long enough to create a subgroup. Populations just have not been isolated from each other long enough, to evolve into separate subspecies, or ‘race’ (Caldwell, 2013). If race were real then we should be able to find similarities within a continent and variations with different nations; however, “95% of the DNA variation studied is due to differences between individuals within any continent. If you believe that 5% makes a difference, then know it is the same difference even within a nation: in reality, you are not even the “same” with your own “people” (Caldwell, 2013).
There is no bombast in Race or the use of the term. No matter how different one may appear by superficial means, skin color, hair color, eye color, and general appearance; belong to the same species: Mankind (Caldwell, 2013). Race implies we are separated from others. The only place biblically I can imagine races being created is at the “Tower of Babel”. However, that only mentioned the languages, not a word on skin alterations. Now that men and women can travel all over the planet, we prove we are a single species, able to copulate, and produce offspring whenever we have encountered each other (Caldwell, 2013) (Gross, 2005). In addition, we can learn one another’s language.
In the 1900’s in Germany, even though Jewish people had lived and been there for generations, Germans did not want them there anymore; “to be Jewish in Germany was not simply to adhere to a set of religious beliefs or cultural practices, but meant belonging to a race that was the antithesis of the race to which true Germans belonged”. This quote shows how Germans thought they were truly the ‘master race’, and would stop at nothing to make that clear. “The identification of the Jews with the devil and witchcraft in the popular mind of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was perhaps the first sign of a racist view of the world”. The idea that Jews were the offspring of Shem, the son of Noah, created the idea of Semites, of which created the theory of Anti-Semitism so they could rationalize the horrible things they did. “A ‘theory’ of Anti-Semitism was created to lend scientific justification to their prejudice” (Caldwell, 2013). The truth is, hate is against God’s commandments.
In the United States, because the government thought that poor people, mostly of African ethnic characteristics, was different, they decided to do something about it. “The sterilizations were aimed at ensuring no offspring for poor people exhibiting ‘feeble mindedness, epilepsy, criminality, insanity, (and) alcoholism’, among others”. This quote is saying that the government made sure they only made ‘perfect people’ (Caldwell, 2013), once again creating an idea of a master race. An offence often repeated by many governments. In addition, many Native American tribes were wiped out in the early days following “Independence from tyranny and freedom to live as one chooses”: Declaration of Independence, 1776.
Not only did “race” issues happen a long time ago, they keep reoccurring, even in this day and age, where so many people say they are not racist (Caldwell, 2013). Race is only what society makes it; people’s thoughts on our different cultures mixed with hate, makes race. It has scientifically proven that ‘race is not real’. People cannot just forget about what has happened and continue to pretend people are not being racist, i.e. being colorblind, we need to actually just start anew, and make sure we do not keep repeating history (Caldwell, 2013).
The marriage license in fact keeps racism alive. Racism is the foundation upon which it was created. If not for the hatred of the different skin color, language, culture, religion etc., the Marriage license would not have been created. However, it was created for the purpose of mixed race marriages, of which, race does not exist. Therefore, the marriage license no longer applies as it was originally designed. The marriage license today needs to be redefined, in order for it to be used for non-traditional marriages rather then for non-existent “races”, to determine who is the protector and who is the protected, i.e. who can be sued and who is exempt; even in one gendered marriages, someone has to raise the children they adopted, should one have to go to jail or prison, the other should be exempt from testifying against their partner. Who is willing to suffer for the other in the name of Love?
If we can accept the idea that Our Father, which is in Heaven, Holy be his name, then can we agree, that the all people are his children, thus making us all brothers and sisters.[1] I may be different than you, have different talents, beliefs, customs, desires, ideas, fears, strengths, and weaknesses, but my loving and forgiving God tells me we are all his children, and commands his children to love each other.

[1] Matthew 12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father who is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.

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